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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fragrant Cushions- the Big Picture(s)

Do you remember that in past weeks, I kept on babbling about my fragrant cushions? Well, I forgot to show you their photos in previous weeks, didn't I? So, shall we take a peek? Shall we?
My apologies that it is not perfect, folks, but I have another one here:
I love the gorgeous button on top. They smell so good. I really do adore them. I must make some more. but I already have so much else to do, what with needing to start on making those Christmas decs, and all my other hooky stuff. So, bye, I am hoping to get back soon. I have not forgotten about the Barn Dance, its just that I don't have my camera at the moment- its a long story, and rather complicated, but I am hoping to reclaim it some time in the near future. For now, however, I'm afraid you will  have to do with little notes and titbits until the Big One. 

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