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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Photos Are Now Out!

Hi there again
Ooooo! What a treat I have in store for you! I have finally found my camera charger, charged it, and uploaded all the photos. Soooooooooo. First of all.

This is as far I have got with my granny square blanket. Some of the squares are not sown on, as you might be able see and one of them is yet to small ( the corner one ).

 This is the humble beginnings of my granny stripe blanket as seen on Attic 24.

These are some little flowers I crocheted. I am going to put them on hair grips for a friend. I think that my favourite one is probably the red one. Which is yours?
 These to soaps I made. They are lavender ( yahoo ) with, as you can see, lavender buds. The buds were supposed to be distributed throughout, but they kind of- floated. Still I think I rather like it that way. 
Mum and I have been making soaps for quite a while now. We do soap-making every year on Craft Day  at our camp. 

Lately, we got some food from a fruit and veg market, so we have been having some lovely, fresh food: Sliced tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, a basil leaf and salt, pepper, oil and spring onion on top; Roast peppers stuffed with onion, tomato and mushrooms. Oh, it really is delicious. 
I have some other food photos to show you, but I have to upload them, because they are on a different camera. 

Here is my hat and scarf I have ( almost! ) finished. 

And now, I have been saving this till last: MY OWN, HOME-MADE RIPPLE BLANKET PATTERN!
I am so excited! I tried to do ripple using another persons pattern, but it didn't work, so I decided to make my own.
1. Basically, to start off, you need to chain a multiple of 16, then add 3 to it ( the extra 3 is for turning ). 

2. So, finished all those chains? Right, now do a treble into the 4th chain from the hook. Do three more trebles into the next 3 chains. 
3. Now you are going to do the valley of the ripple.You need to do 3 2tog stitches ( wool round, in to stitch, wool round, out of stitch, 2 middle stitches over ( 2 stitches left on hook ), wool round, into next stitch, wool round, out of stitch, wool round, all stitches  ( 4 ) over. 
4. To do the other half of your valley, do 4 more trebles into the next 4 stitches.
5. To do the hill, do a treble into the stitch, chain 1, treble in to the same stitch. 
6. treble 4 more trebles in to the next 4 stitches ( again ). 
7. Carry on to the end in this way. Once you get there, chain 3 and turn. This time, you will of course be doing in between stitches. Be careful on those 2togs! Make sure you go in between them, otherwise you will end up having too few stitches.

I will try and get back to you sometime soon, my friends, but: That's all for now, folks!

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