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Friday, January 25, 2013

The things and people I really love and appreciate.......

  • My family, who are always helping me learn.
  • The members of my running club, all of whom are very kind and encouraging, though they don't know me that well. When I ran my first race ( and lost miserably ), one of the girls talked to me about it during the next training session, and gave me some advice. 
  • My running coach, who is always there to cheer me on in the race, and afterwards tell me             ( falsely ) how well I've done, even though I haven't.
  • My best friend, Sophie, with whom I always can have a laugh, by e-mail or face to face.
  • fellow bloggers, who devote so much of their time to entertain us, their audience.
bye for now

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello again. Not much hooky has been going on at no. 33, but Christmas 2012 has been very enjoyable. Christmas dinner consisted of 3 meats, oodles of roasted veg and 3 different gravies! As well as that, there were stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and I haven't even got onto the dessert yet! Home-made Christmas  cake, Fox's Christmas pud, trifle and after dinner crackers.
It was also wonderful to see all the family again
Cousins, aunts, uncles. Its good that its Christmas!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello again.
1st of all:

Happy New Year
I am as usual, late on everything. While other bloggers are writing about their past year, you are finding nothing on my blog. Well, I should give big thanks to the people who entertained us on New Year's Eve-New Year's Day. They did a whole salmon and a half for dinner. As well as this, they set off fireworks, got out the face paints and lit a bonfire. It was really brilliant, and truly enjoyable. We roasted marshmallows, and the little kids' faces ended up with painted spiderman masks, butterflies and tiger faces-lovely. Thank you all!