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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The True Meaning of Christmas

              A Very Merry Christmas to you all!            
Thank you all for reading my blog so far. I wish you all a very merry Christmas. 
As well as this, I would like to remind you of who Christmas is all about. Jesus.Nowadays, most people seem to have forgotten that somebody laid down his own life for us. Christmas is all about seeing family and being happy, they say. But the terrifying truth is..........
I admit that part of the season is about this, but most of it is to think about God. I'm not saying that its wrong to have presents or a tree, but they ought to be something on the side. 

I still hope you enjoy yourselves, never doubt that, but perhaps, for my sake, keep the real reason for the season in your heads, throughout the holidays.
Another thing to discuss is what some people say about where Christmas came from. They say that it is actually a pagan holiday in disguise. That is so stupid. It is unbelievably dumb. You saw an old church, and somebody told you that it used to be a pagan temple, and therefore was still, would you believe them? Of course you wouldn't, or you'd be a proper mug. Christmas is just like that. 
Well that's all done and dusted. I hope it is understandable, but if you have anything to say or ask, just comment 

Monday, December 24, 2012

PC carols? No way!

It's disgusting. It really is. I am talking about a video that I have just seen on BBC News. You can find it here. Isn't it revolting? Christmas carols are being changed so that a load of soft-headed fools can feel good. Why on earth are they trying to hide the true meaning of Christmas? This is a disgrace. Christ Jesus was born male, so why swap words in carols to keep the feminists happy? I just wish there was a way to campaign against it.
One example they showed was the chorus from ' O come all ye faithful', where the line goes ' O come let us adore him/ Christ the Lord '. They tried to change it to ' O come in adoration/ Christ is born. I admit that the video was from 2008, but I am worried that maybe this is still going on.
The root of the problem is probably a bunch of feminists. They imagine that when a courteous male stands aside to allow a female to go in front of him, it is through contempt.
This is ridiculous. Barely any women died on the Titanic. Why? Because in those days, a man would be hated for the rest of his life if he allowed a woman to die instead of himself.
Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that men are somehow above women. But some people take women-man equality way O.T.T, so far as to reverse what they are trying to fight.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Doings

I know that my posts are so irregular, and as usual, I have to apologise. However, this time I think that you will sympathise with me. So much has been going on what with Christmas and presents, that I can hardly want to sit in front of a screen for so long.
Despite this, I have much to show for it. I have  made a wreath. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It is fun, though it takes up quite a bit of time. I built it on a sort of bambooish type of twisted wreath base  thing. As foliage, I used eucalyptus, jasmine and the green wood from the pruning of a tree out the back.
I have finished that scarf of mine that seems to taking for ever. We went to a Christmas concert yesterday night at which I finished off the ends
I would like to share with you a great Christmas bauble-making idea. You will  need sequins and polystyrene balls or hearts as well as some pins. Stick the sequins into the polystyrene shapes using the pins. The pins you use should be around 1 cm long and plain. We got all of the stuff for the project here. However, I suggest pinning a ribbon to hang it on with decorative pins. These can be longer, if you like. They do look quite jolly. Oh yes, we hung  up decorations today. I think that I definitely prefer putting them up closer to Christmas. Its just that it seems such a pity to make Christmas decorating earlier and earlier.
I have been making sugar mice and buying presents for certain brothers.
Some of the sugar mice are going in little gift boxes for our cousins, whom we are going to see tomorrow.
Last Saturday, I went on  bike ride with three brothers and Dad.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well! Guess what! I have finally got those photos onto the computer.
Look and enjoy, then I will tell you what it is, and a smattering of colour will become............understandable.

Oh....Oh no!Here comes the Fount of Knowledge charging forth, explaining the jumble through mathematical equations. 
Pic. 1=my friend (barn dance+smiles), Pic. 2+7+8=the baby nightie that was sewed several years ago, and finally finished, and is now put to good use, the rest= beautiful frosts.
..........Phew! At last! Its Gone! That Fount of Knowledge! How dare it! Dear me!
Well, to get back to what we were saying before the F. O. K disturbed us ( rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb),  it should at least be a bit clear even from  maths equations what the photos are supposed to mean.
The frosts, though. Ooooh! They were gorgeous. When it settled on the windows, and the sun shines through it, and you can see the fresh blue sky behind. 
We have been having such lovely weather lately. 
And then................. It snowed! Nice!