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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well! Guess what! I have finally got those photos onto the computer.
Look and enjoy, then I will tell you what it is, and a smattering of colour will become............understandable.

Oh....Oh no!Here comes the Fount of Knowledge charging forth, explaining the jumble through mathematical equations. 
Pic. 1=my friend (barn dance+smiles), Pic. 2+7+8=the baby nightie that was sewed several years ago, and finally finished, and is now put to good use, the rest= beautiful frosts.
..........Phew! At last! Its Gone! That Fount of Knowledge! How dare it! Dear me!
Well, to get back to what we were saying before the F. O. K disturbed us ( rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb),  it should at least be a bit clear even from  maths equations what the photos are supposed to mean.
The frosts, though. Ooooh! They were gorgeous. When it settled on the windows, and the sun shines through it, and you can see the fresh blue sky behind. 
We have been having such lovely weather lately. 
And then................. It snowed! Nice!  

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