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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The True Meaning of Christmas

              A Very Merry Christmas to you all!            
Thank you all for reading my blog so far. I wish you all a very merry Christmas. 
As well as this, I would like to remind you of who Christmas is all about. Jesus.Nowadays, most people seem to have forgotten that somebody laid down his own life for us. Christmas is all about seeing family and being happy, they say. But the terrifying truth is..........
I admit that part of the season is about this, but most of it is to think about God. I'm not saying that its wrong to have presents or a tree, but they ought to be something on the side. 

I still hope you enjoy yourselves, never doubt that, but perhaps, for my sake, keep the real reason for the season in your heads, throughout the holidays.
Another thing to discuss is what some people say about where Christmas came from. They say that it is actually a pagan holiday in disguise. That is so stupid. It is unbelievably dumb. You saw an old church, and somebody told you that it used to be a pagan temple, and therefore was still, would you believe them? Of course you wouldn't, or you'd be a proper mug. Christmas is just like that. 
Well that's all done and dusted. I hope it is understandable, but if you have anything to say or ask, just comment 

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