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Monday, October 15, 2012

Winter's coming- so time to get ready

AAhh. Winter is on the doorstep. The cold is stretching its icy fingers over Britain. The only way to tackle this, when you are going outside into the freezing outdoors, is of course, to wrap up warm. So I have begun making hats and scarves. The first one is a hat and scarf, made in stripes from two colours of wools- olive green and deep purple- the scarf is still in the making, but the hat is finished. I am actually really happy about it! It has earflaps and fits me perfectly. I have actually got a petition from a lady at church to make one for her. She will buy some wools, and I do the crochet.
Well, as to the scarf. It is long, and I am hoping to make it nice and wide too. Mmm. A lovely, wooly, soft, cosy, warm, comfortable, thick scarf around my neck on those cold winter mornings is just what I need.
I have also taught my Mum to crochet, and she loves it.
Well, so long. I need to get back to making that nice scarf.

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