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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Crochet Cushion is Now Finished!

I am so pleased! I have finally finished one of my crochet creations. It is a pillow. It began with the first granny square I made, and grew so big, that I decided to make a cushion cover. It is far from perfect, but it has a kind of old-fashioned, vintage style which speaks of  how ' Granny made this thirty years of '. It is soft, and cuddly, and warm.

I made it from a single giant granny square, and joined the corners together to form the back. It is so warm and colourful.
I have really enjoyed weaving the different wools together to make a whole, flowing stream of colour. It goes well with the sofa, don't you think? Well now, fellow bloggers and crafters, I must leave you now....

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