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Monday, November 12, 2012

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

Once again, I must apologise extensively for the lack of photos, but I just I had to get back to blog world with a new pattern. This my 2nd one now, and it is quite an simple awfully easy one.
Cute Flower Pattern:
This pattern is very versatile, and can be made with any number of petals. Just adjust the number of  chains in the foundation ring and double crochets. You can also change the shape of the petals, by doing, for example, a thinner petal (a slipstitch, a double crochet, a double treble, a double, and slipstitch).

double crochet- dc
double treble- doub. treb.

  1. Ok, so start by ch 6 and join by a ss to make a foundation ring. 
  2. Next, dc 7 times into ring.
  3.  * ss, dc, treb, doub. treb, treb, dc, ss * into each individual dc. 
  4. Ta- da! you flower is fini!
Lovely! Tell me how you do on this. I am thinking of including these in my secret project.

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